Divine Intervention

with Cédric Delaveau & Katrine Aleksandra Golding

Hjerteforbindelse & Infinit'in Blue                                                                                                                                        Hosted by Blue Star

2 Intensive weeks in the

Heart of Healing

from June 6 - 19 2019

in Bretagne, France

Includes :


* Daily teachings and multiple initiations


* Access to and understanding the highest dimensions and frequencies of your being


* Learning how to create and maintain an appropriate Sacred Space


* Experiencing the processes of awareness, healing and profound group transformation both

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual


* Learning the deeper meaning of Service and how to be free of karma through service and devotion

to other members of the human community


* Experiencing emotional processes tailored to your clients


* Protocol and ethics for your clients or

Being in healthy and honest relationships with people in need of your services


* Receiving Initiation to the first 52 Dimensions and their areas of application


* Living and experiencing Divine Intervention and Spontaneous Remissions


* Acquiring knowledge and practices of healing frequencies and their areas of application


* Learning more than 28 treatment techniques from different traditions around the world, for example: Learn to treat cancers, AIDS, leukemia, bone diseases, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Morbus Crohn's, anorexia, bulimia.


*Learning also how to boost the immune system, detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals as well as diagnostic techniques, cleaning, releasing and healing energetic and physical trauma


* Several techniques for distance healing


* Detailed study of human physical and energetic anatomy


* A dictionary of the original causes of diseases written by Starr Fuentes,

Master Curandera, holder of the same lineage of transmission


* Experiencing a deep introduction to a lineage of Mayan multi-millennial healers from Mexico


* Being in the presence of Starr Fuentes and another Master Teacher of the lineage


* Sharing and growing in a community of healers for two intensive weeks


* Practicing and finding a balance through Yoga and meditation each morning


* Living and experiencing a new lifestyle with all organic vegan food


* Walking in nature and by the sea


* Cocoa ceremony


* Internationally recognized certification and Ordination


* And many other processes, surprises and teachings ...

Cédric Delaveau  &  Katrine Aleksandra Golding 

are the teachers who transmit and accompany you throughout this

two-week adventure

Cédric Delaveau is a musician, singer, healer, dancer and wild life lover.
He has received teachings, initiations and transmissions through the blessings of teachers, shamans, healers and spiritual guides in many traditions around the world, yogi Hindu, Tibetain, Native North American, South American, African, Mexican and Amazonian over the past 20 years.

Today, he transmits teachings and initiations from a very ancient lineage of Mexico, such as the Light language, the Divine Intervention, the 12 initiations of the mastery, cutting cords and attachments, cleaning the thought forms, Kundalini Enhancement, many techniques of healing and many other topics around how to emanate our authentic being. Guide of shamanic ceremonies, sweat lodges, visions quest, shamanic dances, firewalks, purification ceremonie In the Earth, shamanic journeys with drum, he trains and teaches students in building and conducting sweat lodges and shamanic drum journeys. He was a Sun Dancer during 5 intensives years.

Miracle Healer and energy therapist, he offers his services throughout the year.

Cédric taught essential Yoga for 3 years, which he has been practicing with meditation for over 20 years.

He’s officially been a Divine Intervention teacher since 2013.

"This year is the 6th Divine Intervention that I will live and the 4th that I will guide, a beautiful moment of sharing, joy, awareness, transformation and healing around the Divine Presence. Steeped in all the downloads of pure consciousness, in a beautiful place near the sea surrounded by a small plant paradise ... "Harmony" is a word that simply summarizes this Divine Intervention 2019.

www.infinitinblue.one  or the facebook page InfinitinBlue : https://www.facebook.com/InfinitinBlue/


Katrine Aleksandra Golding grew up in Europe and in the U.S. Having traveled avidly since childhood Katrine has studied, practiced, and taught world-wide.

Katrine holds a degree as a physical therapist and is also a certified Cranio-Sacral therapist from Upledger Institute. In the U.S. she studied psychology and human services in college. She has been giving individual treatment and body therapy sessions since 2012.

Katrine has been practicing yoga since 2009 and has been teaching yoga and doing workshops as well as teaching anatomy and physiology in relation to disease development and the Chakra energy system.

In Denmark Katrine is the owner of Hjerteforbindelse (HeartSpace), which she opened in 2015 and through which she has developed and taught workshops like Kærlighed er Frihed (Love is Freedom), Chakra Fysiologi og Balance (Chakra Physiology and Balance), Krop-Sind-Samfund (Body-Mind-Community) etc., including the most recent Art of Awakening in collaboration with Cédric Delaveau. 

Currently Katrine is offering continual Chakra courses incl. The Art of Manifestation; Chakras 1-3 & The Heart of the Universe; Chakra 4 - while preparing manuals for the ascending 3 chakras. The courses draw direct parallels between the energy centers and the physical, anatomical body showing physiologically the relationship between body, emotion, mind pattern and life choices.

Apart from projects through her own business, Katrine is currently a part of the team at the clinic Lasota Terapi Akademi in Fredericia, Denmark. She also works freelance for TrainingandRehab.

For more info about Katrine please visit www.hjerteforbindelse.dk or the facebook page Hjerteforbindelse - HeartSpace

Katrine will be both a teacher and an assistant throughout this Divine Intervention.


Starr Fuentes Master Curandera and holder of the lineage of the Divine Intervention, transmitted from her Master of Mexico Esperanza will be present online during the Divine Intervention

Explaining the divine is an impossible task; what I give you is my human observation on the Divine Intervention. Divine intervention is where the Source (God, Buddha, Higher Strength) manifests itself and where physical and spiritual planes act at the same time to create a miracle. In other words, the Divine Intervention is the phenomenon where tumors fall to the ground and / or "mischief" can disappear spontaneously.

We could say that the Divine Intervention is the strongest, most specific prayer that calls for the forces of nature and heaven to come together. It is the most intimate connection anyone can have with another being down here and hold the space a fraction of a second allowing the Source to manifest itself as someone or for someone. (...)

Miracles manifest themselves in many different ways. The flow of energy in the natural healing process increases as blockages are removed from subtle bodies and the physical body.

When a connection to the Source that is big like a pencil, is increased to become as big as a boulevard, the possibilities are multiplied by quantum leaps.

At this point, what's happening is what scientists call a singularity. There is a change in some states or in all states.

The results are either not physically visible, visible in the form of small particles such as sand or rice, or visible as large pieces of matter that appear outside the body. (...)

Starr Fuentes will be live for an online teaching during this course!

After many years of study and practice with shamans, healers, curanderos and masters, Starr Fuentes dedicated his life to helping others with full attention to the smooth running of their goals, paths and destinies. A master healer and spiritual master, Starr teaches over 400 subjects, and has guided countless individuals on the path of healing, self-awareness and truth.

It combines the use of modern psychological tools, ancient healing and shamanic traditions, by presenting a fountain of information, in a lively, dynamic and lively teaching style. She has trained more than 100 teachers who continue to spread her alternative healing wisdom in the United States, Europe, Israel, Brazil, Australia, Canada and Asia. https://starrfuentes.com/

Master teachers invited to the retreat!


As mentioned above, Starr Fuentes will transmit a live online teaching during the retreat. ...AND!!..


Sioux Storm

Sioux Storm is a visionary artist, healer and shamanic teacher. Sioux has a unique ability to deeply reach the heart and soul of a person and to bring out ideas that allow for change, so that healing occurs. When working with Sioux, you will benefit from the wisdom of powerful spiritual lineages (se description below), combined with modern psychological perspectives. Using a method of art therapy in conjunction with indigenous spiritual teachings, Sioux supports her clients in a sacred space, to develop their personal power, to enable them to reach new perspectives and to finally acquire the necessary tools for immediate transformation.

Sioux is a direct descendant of the Lakota and Onondaga Native American Lineage and began formal spiritual training at the age of 16. Nourished by her passion for healing and art, Sioux pursued a BA in Psychology from New York State University in Buffalo with a degree in Art and Art Therapy training. She continued her studies in Commercial Design at the Colorado Institute of Art. She then went on to train with master teachers around the world.

Click here to read more about Sioux on her website



The Divine Intervention Retreat is a major teaching of the Curanderos lineage. Both before and after DI there is another course, and several years are necessary for a complete realization of the material.


This teaching allows us to carry out very high quality and really powerful healing for a great number of health problems as well as providing the basis for respectful relations with clients and other human beings.


Above all, DI is an extraordinary experience, a tool for expansive self-knowledge and a way to make a huge leap from one level of consciousness to another that is higher.


Each participant is led by the teacher to work with his own difficulties and with the support of the group. It is certaintly demanding work, but simultaneously gratifying as the process works on all levels to acknowledge and heal our wounds, emotions, beliefs, limits, etc. The healing includes everything from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blockages or issues.


DI unveils a profound transformation, one that is lasting and continues to evolve over time, even after the course has finished.


This retreat allowed me, among other things, to change my feelings and my perception of the visible and invisible world, to apprehend differently the outside world ... and it has changed my life.


In other words, the DI is:

  • An extraordinary advance on the path of consciousness whether one is on the first steps or already well on the way.
  • Experience in all plans and dimensions.
  • Magical feelings where we can reconnect with the Divine regardless of whether we believe or not when we initially arrive.
  • Doing the All in oneself, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and outside oneself, to find, finally, the Unity.
  • Reconciling with the very Essence, of which education and society separate us.
  • Healing wounds bringing us closer to being our true self.
  • An unimaginable initiatory journey.
  • A beautiful heart-to-heart sharing.
  • Also a wonderful, encouraging and supportive teacher who has already been part of the way and who sets an example while finding his own way.

"DI is the multidimensional magic of the Divine."

- Dominique Dessers, therapist in Brussels

« (...) Wonderful teachings to initiate journeys through our internalization. All this allowed me in less than 2 years to tune in to the support of people so that they can raise awareness, integrate and heal through the different techniques learned. I continue to train every year more and more.

The different experiences of Cédric bring richness and vitality to his teaching and healing.

In one word and more: A huge gratitude to Cédric for guiding me to this beautiful reconnection. »


-France Richard, therapist in France


Click here to see pictures from

Divine Intervention 2017 in Brazil


Price for the full retreat: 6401€

In addition to all the materials, teachings and initiations the price also includes :

Accomomodation in a detached house by the sea,

All organic meals and all the material for the two weeks.


The payment can be made in 4 installments as follows :

1st installment: 1601€ before 11 march

2nd installment : 1600€ before 11 april

3rd installment : 1600€ before 11 may

4th and final installment : 1600€ before the start date of the retreat

(Prices listed do not include flight ticket, taxi, personal expenses)


Please note that this retreat is not a tour package. Each person is responsible for his journey, as well as his insurance, under no circumstances does Cédric Delaveau take on this responsibility. Also note that "for reasons of general economy and organizational cost" each payment towards full participation, as well as the total amount paid is in no way refundable in case of cancellation on your part, regardless of cause.

Thank you for your understanding.

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